How Much Does it Cost to Fix Your Dryer?

Dryers are an important part of most home routines in America, and they save huge amounts of time over line drying or using a laundromat. However, like any other appliance, your dryer may break down and require repairs at some point. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the most common issues with dryers and their typical repair costs.

Repair Costs for Leading Causes of Dryer Issues

Clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of heating issues in dryers – and a major cause of home fires! When hot air can’t escape the dryer, it overheats, causing fuses and heating elements to burn out. Replacing these parts is essential to get the dryer running again, but it’s just as important to have your dryer vents cleaned. Neglecting to clean your dryer vents will lead to the same issue occurring again and – more importantly – could lead to a fire. Vent cleaning costs around $150-250 depending on the length of your dryer vent and how accessible the vent is on the outside of the house. Vent cleaning should be done every year to prevent potential hazards and to help your dryer work more efficiently. In addition to having your vents cleaned, a clogged vent typically results in a need for at least one of the following repairs.

If your dryer runs but doesn’t get hot, the issue could be the heating element, which costs between $200 – $500 to replace. Fuses or thermostats could also be the culprit, which usually run around $150 – $200.

If your dryer is drying clothes but making strange noises, the issue may be with the drum support rollers, which can be replaced for $200-$450. Or, the problem may be with the blower wheel or motor, which is usually accompanied by vibrating or shaking. Blower wheel replacement typically costs between $150-$350, while replacing a faulty motor can cost between $250-$650.

Another common issue with some brands is a broken belt. If your dryer drum isn’t rotating, then the belt may have snapped. Replacing the belt typically costs between $150-$350.

If you’re experiencing electrical issues with your dryer, such as it won’t turn on or it’s tripping the breaker, the repair cost will depend on the specific electrical component that needs fixing. For example, repairing a faulty thermostat or timer can cost between $150-$300, while replacing a malfunctioning control board may cost $200-$600.

What to Do

As with any appliance, dryer repairs can range from minor issues to more complex ones. Clogged dryer vents can cause significant problems, so it’s crucial to have them cleaned every year – we recommend our friends at Vent Pros. Additionally, keep in mind that repair costs can vary depending on your dryer’s brand and model, the severity of the issue, and the specific part that needs replacement. Plus, it’s not always limited to one issue.

How can Appliance Professional help? We’ll send a technician to your house to diagnose the problem and present you with a quote for the flat repair cost. Then you can decide if it’s worth it to repair or not.

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