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At Appliance Professional, we understand that when issues occur with your appliances, it can throw your daily routine into disarray. The faster these problems resolve, the faster you can get your day-to-day back to normal. That is why our Columbia appliance service team not only provides fast, affordable, and high-quality service, but also provide you with DIY solutions to the most common appliance mishaps.
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Why is My Dishwasher Not Draining?

One of the most common reasons for draining issues doesn’t have to do with your dishwasher at all! In fact, often your dishwasher won’t drain due to a problem with a recently installed garbage disposal. Often called the knockout plug, a small piece of plastic is located in the drainage hole of the disposal and prevents the water from your dishwasher from flowing freely into your drain lines. The knockout plug protects the disposal during shipping, but is easy to forget to remove during installation.

Why is There an Odor Coming From My Front Loader Washing Machine?

Your washing machine works hard, and if not aired out properly or cleaned occasionally, mildew can form, leading to unpleasant odors. Keeping the door to your front-load washer open between uses will allow air to flow into your machine. Additionally, cleaning your system bi-weekly can greatly reduce the chance of buildup.

How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine

An easy way to clean your washing machine is by adding two cups of baking soda to your washer and run it on the longest and highest temperature setting. Next, add two cups of white vinegar, along with 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil, to the machine and run again.

Why Won’t My Appliance Turn on?

While this is often indicative of a malfunction with your appliance, the first two places you should check are actually the power cord and your breaker box. If the unit’s cord has come out of the socket or the appliance has tripped a breaker, even the newest appliances won’t power on.


When you find yourself needing to run your dryer for multiple cycles, there are two common causes. One is as easy to solve as checking your settings. Cycle settings like “low heat”, “fluff”, or “damp” will not thoroughly dry your laundry like the more intensive settings will.

The other cause could be buildup in your lint filter or vent. Lint buildup will trap heat, which inhibits your dryer’s heat settings. Clearing these spaces might help.

Why Does My Washing Machine Shake?

While this issue won’t affect function immediately, it can affect your sanity, as hearing the rocking of a washing machine can cause a racket. Luckily, there is a quick fix. Readjusting the legs will provide an even unit for quieter function. To adjust the rear legs, carefully tilt the washer forward and lower it down—this movement will help the legs level out. For the front legs, you can screw them up or down to level, and once you are happy with the symmetry, tighten the locking nuts to secure. If your system is still walking away, give our team a call.

Why is My Ice Maker Overflowing?

Two of the most common reasons for overflowing ice are clogged ice chutes and misaligned bins. If water freezes inside the chute, it will stop ice from flowing freely. Cleaning this area regularly will prevent these clogs from forming. The pressure caused from making ice can sometimes push the bin out of alignment. Taking this component out and then carefully inserting it back into position will fix the issue.

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