How Do I Wash My Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are blankets with extra heft—usually from plastic pellets or glass beads—that provide a gentle, even pressure across the body. They mimic the comforting feeling of being hugged or swaddled. People use weighted blankets to improve sleep, provide a sense of calm, or even reduce anxiety. But like all blankets, eventually they’ll need to be cleaned.

So just pop it in the washer along with your sheets, right? Not so fast! Washing a weighted blanket at home could spell disaster for your home washing machine. Here’s why it’s best to head to a laundromat instead:

1. Weight and Capacity Issues: Residential washing machines are typically designed to handle loads of a certain weight. Weighted blankets, particularly those exceeding 10 pounds, can significantly surpass this capacity. This imbalance not only affects the machine’s ability to clean effectively but can also lead to mechanical issues. The excessive weight can strain the suspension system and the motor, leading to potential failures and costly repairs. Always refer to your washing machine’s Owner’s Manual for recommendations on size and weight limits.

2. Uneven Distribution: Weighted blankets contain fillers like plastic pellets or glass beads to add weight. These materials can clump and shift during the wash cycle, causing uneven weight distribution within the drum. This imbalance often results in excessive vibrations and can damage the machine’s structure over time. Residential machines use springs and/or shocks to dampen these vibrations, and these components are particularly susceptible to failure when overloaded.

3. Better Alternatives at Laundromats: Commercial machines at laundromats are designed to handle heavier loads and more rigorous washing conditions. These machines offer greater capacity and more robust construction, making them ideal for washing bulky or heavy items like weighted blankets. By using a commercial washer, you ensure that your blanket is cleaned effectively without the risk of damaging your home appliance.

4. Longevity of Your Blanket and Machine: Using a commercial washer helps preserve the life of both your weighted blanket and your home washing machine. The commercial machines provide a more thorough clean due to their heavier-duty mechanics and capabilities, which means your weighted blanket will come out fresh without causing wear and tear on your home appliance.

Recommendation: For the longevity and safety of both your weighted blanket and your residential washing machine, it’s advisable to use a commercial washing machine at your local laundromat. This approach not only protects your home appliances but also ensures that your blanket is cared for properly.

In conclusion, while it might seem convenient to throw your weighted blanket into your home washer, the risks involved make it a better choice to use the more capable machines available at laundromats. This way, you avoid potential damage to your valuable appliances and ensure that your blanket remains in good condition.

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